Effortlessly Manage Your Minecraft Server

Key Minecraft Bedrock Server Hosting Features

Bedrock Server Software Support

Our Minecraft: Bedrock Edition hosting supports Vanilla Bedrock, as well as Nukkit, GoMint, and PocketMine.

Instant Server Setup

Our servers are setup instantly. Jump right into the game and start mining away!

Game DDoS Protection

Ensure uninterrupted service with our DDoS protection included in all game server hosting packages. We constantly scrub traffic for threats.

Intelligent Game Backups

Our backup solution securely stores your server data in the cloud, offers automatic scheduling, and allows for easy downloads or restorations anytime.

Purchase Process

Order your Game Server with few simple steps!

1 Choose Available Game

2 Configure & Order Game Server

3 Make Payment & Deploy Server

4 All Done! Enjoy Your Game!

Maximize the potential of your Minecraft server

The Best Minecraft Server Features Available

Plugins can add a wide variety of features to a Minecraft server, such as new gameplay mechanics, custom items and blocks, new gameplay modes, and more. Some examples of common plugins include economy plugins that allow players to buy and sell items, grief prevention plugins that help protect players' builds from being destroyed by other players, and minigame plugins that add new minigames for players to play. Using our plugin installer makes it super simple to install plugins directly from Spigot.
Minecraft mods (short for "modifications") are pieces of software that modify the game of Minecraft by adding new features, gameplay mechanics, items, and more. Mods are created by the Minecraft community and can be downloaded and installed into the game to change the way it looks and plays. The mod installation has never been easier than with our built-in mod installer with installable mods with versions from Curseforge and Modrinth.

Streamline the process of switching server JAR and versions with our one-click Minecraft version changer feature. We support a multitude of different server JARs, including:

    • Vanilla
    • Spigot
    • Paper
    • Snapshots
    • Forge
    • Fabric
    • Bungeecord
    • Sponge
    • Velocity
    • Waterfall
    • Purpur, and Catserver

    Experience the Ultimate Minecraft Gameplay with Modpacks - Easy Installation with Our Modpack Installer. Get Access to a Wide Range of Mods, from Simple Changes to Complex Systems, that Will Significantly Transform Your Game. Download and Install from Various Platforms like Technic Launcher, Curseforge, and More. Popular Modpacks Include FTB Unleashed, Replay Mod for Recording Gameplay, SkyFactory for Skyblock-style Play, and Many More. Try it Out Today and Take Your Minecraft Game to the Next Level.

    The Best Minecraft Server Features Available
    The Best Minecraft Server Features Available
    The Best Minecraft Server Features Available
    The Best Minecraft Server Features Available
    Why Choose Us?

    We've got features that others don't.

    We've got features that others don't.
    We've got features that others don't.
    We've got features that others don't.

    Frequently asked questions

    Will I be able to add Mods?

    Modding is a big part of most games, so it only makes sense that we'd allow you to use them on your service. We support all modlets and are happy to help you install them to your server. Our support team is available 24/7 and is ready to assist you whenever you need it. Please note that some overhaul mods may not be fully supported due to external requirements, please check with us first!
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